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For additional information about the compatibi lity of sepam protection functions with. Combined with a sepam or sepam 2000, it provides backup protection for the substation incomers. It means that sepam can meet the protection and control needs of low voltage networks and high voltage networks up to 220 kv as efficiently as required. Protection ansi code s20 s244 t20 t244 m20 b21 3 b22 phase overcurrent 5051 4 44 44. Assembly associated with the use of the remote advanced umi dsm 303. We recommend that you follow the instructions given in this document for quick, correct installation of your sepam. The sepam range of protection relays is designed for all protec tion applications on mediumvoltage public and industrial distribution networks. Sepam s20, s24, t20, t24, m20, b21, b22 relay sepam. The sft2841 pc software tool gives access to all the sepam functions.

For basic protection functions, current or voltage functions s20 substation type. It is made up of three series of relays, with increasing performance levels. Sft2841 software for sepam digital protection relay by korean. Sepam series 40 offers types of digital current or voltage protection for demanding distribution systems, each one dedicated to a single application. Sepam training electrical substation modular programming. The other optional accessories come in a separate package. Installation 3 installation of sepam each sepam comes in a single package which contains. The sepam series 40 family consists of simple, highperforming solutions, suited to. Sepam to identify sepam, check the label on the right side of the device which gives the products functional and hardware characteristics. A software tool for all sepam relays the sft2841 software is the setting and operating tool for sepam series 20, series 40 and series 80. Programming over current protection on sepam 20 series. The cn gateway developed by eurosystem enables sepam connection to.

Protection sepam range sepam installation use commissioning. Pcred301005en 102009 sepam series 20 selection table substation transformer motor busbar protection ansi code s20 s244 t20 t244 m20 b21 3 b22 phase overcurrent 5051 4 44 44 phase. The trip pushbutton only momentarily closes when activated, it does not latch in the closed position. Its not every day that an iphone comes in as the cheaper phone, but compared to the galaxy s20 s starting price, the iphone 11 is more affordable. Sepam series 10 is a highquality protection relay that represents the most costeffective solution available for essential protection functions. Architecture and driver section of software system for electrical power systems management. If the fault disappears, the fault came from the cartridge. Opc server for schneider electric sepam 2000 relay is 3rd party certified. Second your questions imply you have little understanding of modbus.

Expert umi software the sft2841 pc software tool gives access to all the sepam functions, with all the facilities and convenience provi ded by a windows type environment. Equipment identification accessories supplied with sepam each sepam comes with the following accessories. To learn more, please visit the schneider electric f. Merlin gerin is a subsidiary of schneider electric, as is square d. Sepam documents and downloads schneider electric global. Independent test lab opc certification is the process of ensuring that applications meet the standards specified by the opc foundation. Windows environment ergonomically designed to guide sepam setup online help to derive maximum benefit from your sepam digital relay. Cca 660 or cca 650 connector sepam ct 1 for connection of the ct 1 a or 5 a.

For your application you would need a modbus to modbustcp converter. The sepam series 20, type s20, t20, m20, and b21 substitutes itself to all sepam applications. Sepam s40, s41, s42, s50, s51, s52, s53, s54, t40, t42, t50, t52, m41, g40 sepam series 40 includes types of sepam. Sepam series 40 presentation mt10357 the sepam series 40 family of protection and metering units is designed for the operation of machines and electrical distri bution networks of industrial installations and utility substations for all levels of voltage. The other optional accessories such as modules, current or voltage input. Umi is the optimal substitute for sepam 15 versions.

To specifically fit your needs, from the simplest to the most comprehensive to evolve in step with your investments. Introduction sepam protection relays, the product of experience. Sepam series 10 specifics sepam series 10 monitors phase andor earth. This protection goes into effect when the main protection chain fails due to. User machines interfaces unit display hmi connect software sft, untuk setting bisa onlineoffline. Logic inputoutput standart 4 logic output 4do 2 logic inputouput modules tambahanmes108mes114 3. Userfriendliness userfriendly and highperforming software provides the pc computer resources for sepam. The functions listed below are handled by sepam series 80. A single pc software tool for the entire sepam range makes system startup and operation.

Electrical item relay model sepam s 20 we intend claim rewards under merchandisse export from india schememeis ghana. The modbus protocol used by sepam series 80 is a compatible subgroup of the rtu modbus protocol. Introduction sepam protection relays, the product of. More solutions more modularity more performance more simplicity. Sepam series 20 sepam series 40 sepam series 80 steven. The 2 notches1 at the base of the sepam 2000 case allow it to hold by. Sepam 2000 is flush mounted in a rectangular cutout. The supply of spare parts, the repair and standard exchange. Sepam 15 sepam series 40 equivalences sepam 15 sepam series 40 102 m41 112 m41 202 t40 312 s41 1 402 s42 502 m41 512 m41 602 s42 702 s42 1 the resistive earth fault function epatr 50g51g specific to edf is not available with sepam series 40. This umi is available as a complement to the standard or advanced umi on the screen of a pc equipped with the sft2841 software package and connected to the rs232 link on the front panel of the sepam. Sft2841 software for sepam digital protection relay by korean, for video faq.

Sepam protection functions can be used with low voltage lv as long as the conditions below are met. Parallelincomer protection with disconnection function. The supply of spare parts, the repair and standard exchange of sepam are performed up to the 31st of december 2005, sepam expiry date. Highly ergonomic, it is easy to install and set up. Slide it into the cutout until the front of sepam 2000 is in contact with the mounting plate. System utilities downloads sft2841 by schneider electric and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Sepam series 20 sepam series 40 sepam series 80 mafiadoc. Le due procedure sono equivalenti ma leggermente differenti. Products presentation documents software and firmware. Sepam is listed in the worlds largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. Protection and control sepam range sepam 2000 sepam.

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